Offset Printing

Digital    PRODUCTION TIME: 4-7 Days

Our digital printing allows you to print amazing color on papers from smooth to heavily textured stocks like Eames Canvas or Crane’s Lettra 100% Cotton. Stock thicknesses from 80# Cover (80C) all the way up to 130# Cover (130C).

White Ink printing is currently the same price as standard digital print. 

Letterpress printing

Offset    PRODUCTION TIME: 5-10 Days

PMS Ink printing from 1 to 3 colors and avaiable on all paper stocks and thicknesses up to #220 cover. Perfect solids, screens and thin fonts are attained when printing offset. When exact color match is absolutely critial to your project this is your best solution.


Foil Stamping

Letterpress    PRODUCTION TIME: 10-14 Days

The oldest and most revered of the printing options. Letterpress printing combines solid ink with a die plate to achieve a product of elegance and with a deep impression. Cotton papers like Cranes Lettra, Canaletto or WILD are often used with this process.

You can also mix digital or foil with your letterpress print in the embellishments for foil. Or select digital as your primary process and letterpress in the embellishments. 

Digital Printing

Foil Stamping    PRODUCTION TIME: 10-14 Days

When you are looking to achieve a true metallic finish or a solid color on dark paper stock foil stamping is the only process to use. Foil stamping can be flat, indented or embossed on the sheet to achieve a unique look for your design. 

You can mix foil with letterpress or digital. 


Specialty Techniques

Edge Painting

Edge Painting

We mix the ink to your specific Pantone color then thin it out to make it suitable for air-brushing. Adds a unique look to any project on a thick stock. We recommend Cranes Lettra 220#.

Printing on Wood

Edge Gilding / Foiling

Want your edges to shine? Edge foiling will add a special reflected look to your piece. We have many foil choices to choose from in the embelleshments section. 

Pocket Printing

Use any printing technique you want and choose from 8 types of pocket styles. Print anywhere on the front or back and we will convert it into a pocket. 

Die Cutting

Create your custome die shape in Illustrator, measure the length and width of the area to be die-cut in the embellishments area.